Marina Scarr is an award-winning nature photographer and certified Florida Master Naturalist based in Sarasota, Florida. She grew up in New England as an equestrian on a farm full of animals so she has always had a curiosity, love and respect for nature and all of its creatures. Her fascination with birds was spawned when she witnessed an incubator full of duck eggs successfully hatch. Her introduction to photography came just after moving to Florida at 18 when her father gave her a 35mm camera. After enrolling in several classes, her love of nature photography was born and her two passions fused. Her hobby became an obsession in 2007 after purchasing her first digital body. Avian and wildlife subjects are her primary focus, but she also has an interest in macro and event photography, as well as photojournalism.

Although much of her time is spent in the field in pursuit of compelling images, Marina also enjoys swimming, walking, boating, bird-watching and reading. She is an avian moderator on the popular nature photography website Throughout the year, she finds great joy volunteering “for the birds” with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and several local rescue/rehab facilities.

Marina has won several awards and her images have been published in National Wildlife, Nature’s Best Photography, Living Bird, Popular Photography, etc. Her images are being used on various websites, Apps and brochures. You may view her Fotobug interview here:

If you are interested in purchasing or using any of her images, please feel free to contact her directly.


NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association)
Canon Professional Services (CPS)
National Wildlife Federation
National Audubon Society
Sarasota Audubon Society
Avian Moderator,